About This Site

This was Gabi's first Christmas in 2012. She was only two weeks old!

Are you looking to connect, reconnect, or stay connected with your spouse? Have you got a good marriage and want to share your story with others? Are you concerned about the apparent tidal wave of unhappy couples you meet? Do you just want to feel better about your own relationship and are looking for a place that supports marriage, is about happy families, and lets you take a trip down memory lane? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the blog for you!

I love my family and I study families, so I want to open a discussion with all of you about what works in your marriages. This blog is a community of people who want to share our stories. Last year I met a woman who has spent her life in a wheelchair and her husband’s first words to her were, “Do you want to dance?” She had gone to a square dance with her friends but never expected to meet the man she would marry. They’ve been together a lot of years now, and they still share that memory of their first dance as he pulled a chair along sider her wheelchair and they held each others’ hands and swayed to the music.

Maybe you’d like to hear meet the couple who is raising their great grandchildren because their mom and grandma (the couple’s daughter and granddaughter) died suddenly in an accident. I can’t imagine the grief they are going through, and all the while changing the twins diapers, and the couple are both over 80!

Welcome to my blog! I’m David Mullins, and I’m a professor of Sociology. I study families, ethnicity, gender, and religion, which I think are at the root of our social worlds because they relate to so many other aspects of our lives. I think we can change our world by knowing more about how our lives are shaped. I’m married to the love of my life, Tammy, and we have a beautiful baby named Gabrielle. And who could forget our little Shih Tzu, Maggie! We spend time with our families, we spend time working, and we try hard to be a team in life. We have a fantastic love story that we want to share with others, and we want to hear your stories too!

This was Gabi’s first Christmas in 2012. She was only two weeks old!